About Us

Betty and Butch is an ethical dog products brand, specialising in natural, responsibly sourced food, treats and accessories. Our hypoallergenic dry dog food is free from fillers, artificial additives, preservatives and chemicals.
The Betty and Butch brand upholds the philosophy of creating additive-free, reasonably priced products that are formulated to put dogs’ health before company profits.
Starting from its flagship store in Chorlton, Manchester, the brand has built up a loyal customer base through the service of friendly staff with an expert knowledge of dog care. Customers travel from across the country, disregarding larger chain stores for the shopping experience Betty and Butch provides.
We will soon be opening branches elsewhere in the UK and overseas which will deliver healthy, ethical dog products at affordable prices, in an environment pleasing to both dog and owner.
New premises and franchises will be modelled on the flagship store: a department store feel with eye-catching displays and a pleasing layout, featuring unique products of superior quality whilst maintaining fair, competitive prices. These will be run by approachable and knowledgeable staff who will seek integration with the local community through events and charity partnerships.
There are a great many pet stores in the UK, but very few that cater exclusively for those seeking natural, organic products, and only one that provides the experience of Betty and Butch.

Press releases

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